7 thoughts on “Events”

  1. Please be advised that next Thursday, June 27, 2013, our writers group will be getting together at the Boston Pizza in the Sheppard Centre, at Yonge & Sheppard. We hope that our members will join us at 6:30 PM. Our tradition has been to bring a 1 page story or poem. Let’s make the theme my best summer memory. Hope to see you there.

  2. Just got back from superb trip to Sweden and have worked many hours since to submit my [overdue] first chapter for the UofT writing workshop I’m taking next month. I look forward to seeing you at Boston Pizza Thursday, and will try to bang out a story about ‘my best summer memory’. Richard E.

  3. Hi All, my kid(10 years old) has exceptional writing skills, I would like to improve her skills further, I live in North York, can you please advise me on the best way to do that, sorry I dashed on your site.

    1. I’d recommend she read a lot, and write. Like most skills, writing improves with practice. I’d recommend writing for kids story contests, joining or starting a club for kids through her library or school, or submitting work to kids’ anthologies. Toronto public schools have an annual poetry anthology, with submissions due in February.

  4. Your group might be interested in “Stories by Alice Munro: The Office & Dolly,” a theatrical production coming to Toronto this month! It will be hitting The Isabel Bader Theatre for only five shows (April 16-19). This play has been staged before sold out audiences in San Francisco and will be moving on to Paris after the Toronto run.

    Word for Word, the company behind this show, has been creating theatre for over 20 years and is well known and highly respected in California. They take short stories and bring them to life on stage without altering the original text, earning the recognition and trust of authors around the world. In fact, Alice Munro has never before given the rights to her work for a stage production to any other company, so this is a rare opportunity.

    Moreover, each performance will be followed by a panel discussion (except the last one, on Sunday night), featuring Doug Gibson (former president and publisher of McClelland and Stewart, editor, writer) as well as Susan Harloe (of Word for Word), among others.

    Please help get the word out via event postings, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, list serves or other avenues that will reach lit-loving people in the GTA. The reviews have been excellent and enthusiasts of the written word won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity. Thanks!

  5. It is September, 2015, and our “EVENT” was the first meeting after the summer (Sept 10). Seven individuals (3 returnees; 4 new) showed up, and 4 of us read original writing. The turnout was rather disappointing, especially since numerous past participants did not show. Hopefully, they will come to our next meeting, September 24 and bring copies of their original writing for us to read and discuss together. We also discussed the schedule for 2016 and communicated afterwards with Muriel Hart, the librarian who coordinates our activities.
    Please note that I will have to miss a number of sessions this year and, therefore, I do not want to serve as the de facto chairman of the group. I chaired the first meeting just to get us started. I look forward to a lively year. Please come and help us help you with some positive criticism of your new writing.

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