The Horror of the Idea: A Critical Analysis of “The Gift”

I normally don’t do movie reviews on this blog. And I tried to write something really narrative or literary about this movie, The Gift (directed and written by Joel Edgerton, starring Joel Edgerton, Jason Bateman & Rebecca Hall) but it’s so good that it deserves a closer examination.  If you haven’t watched the trailer, check … Continue reading The Horror of the Idea: A Critical Analysis of “The Gift”

Book Talk: dogrun

BookTalk: dogrun Author: arthur nersesian Genre: New York Lit Publisher: Simon & Schuster   I detest New York. Their subways are shit, their street signs were named by an accountant whose passion is pen protectors, and the New York attitude seems to be the centre of the universe. But jealous pandering aside I also detest it … Continue reading Book Talk: dogrun

Book Talk: The Gatekeeper

Author: Joy Peterson Genre: Fantasy/Spiritual Publisher: Joy Peterson Novels The Gatekeeper begins with the three Jefferson-Johnson siblings (15-yr-old Patience and her 12-year-old twin siblings, Marcus and Theo) trying to escape the family plantation from their abusive uncle, Trevor. While hiding, the children chase after a colorful band of insects and end up in a magical … Continue reading Book Talk: The Gatekeeper