Book Talk: The Gatekeeper

Author: Joy Peterson Genre: Fantasy/Spiritual Publisher: Joy Peterson Novels The Gatekeeper begins with the three Jefferson-Johnson siblings (15-yr-old Patience and her 12-year-old twin siblings, Marcus and Theo) trying to escape the family plantation from their abusive uncle, Trevor. While hiding, the children chase after a colorful band of insects and end up in a magical … Continue reading Book Talk: The Gatekeeper

How to Write Instant Poetry

Google always likes to honour the birthdays of dead people whose achievements are mostly unsung. My recent favourite is March 5th’s Momofuku Ando, inventory of Instant noodles, whose Google page caused quite a stir. However I will heartily congratulate the man who should be considered the grandfather of university cuisine. So I heartily salute you, Momofuku Ando for … Continue reading How to Write Instant Poetry