Book Talk: Review of Gods of the Hammer, The Teenage Head Story

2 thoughts on “Book Talk: Review of Gods of the Hammer, The Teenage Head Story”

  1. If this book really reflects Pevere’s big enthusiasm in life, fine. We knew he was challenged. I hope this stuff wasn’t funded by taxpayers? Pevere’s enthusiastic musings re TH’s history belong among the diehard fans using the web’s forums. Seriously. And that’s all. So give us a break. And spare us the hyperbole. TH were a mediocre lot. Mind you, energetic. So what. Once their primitive vitality ceased like their youth, they were finished. They were poor in talent and imagination. A lot of guys weren’t even interested in the possibilities of joining a band or starting one. I guess no one wanted Pevere. Maybe that’s why he went to over 30 TH shows? Or else he couldn’t get laid? So be it. Balls means you’re not afraid to grow up and do it, or something else. As for Pevere. He’s pathetic. He grew up four doors from the guy who used to be the president of CNR and Bell, the son of a cardiologist and politician. A guy who had less than Pevere. Yet we have to periodically read Pevere write about how poor he was and how everyone else had more than him. Ha. What a joke and wanker. The guy’s a bonafide loser and the sort most suited to being a spoiled pet and rat rather than an honest witness to his times. Yeah. He’s the smart one and the talented one of his generation. Try entitled dickwad. And he has an eye for it too. What a whiner. Allanon was created to deal with turkeys like him who are addicted to themselves. You know the sort. The type who think their effing feelings are really important and they have to tell them to everyone. After TH, Pevere is having trouble dealing with adult subject matter. Hmm. So be it. Hang out in your basement dude. Reminisce. Beat off. Reload the pipe. Everyone else is gone.

    1. While I am quite flattered that you took the time to post an epic rant in my writers group blog that no one reads, you might want to rethink your life if your spending your time hating a guy by posting epic rants about him on a local writer’s blog that no one reads.

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