Wordplay: Conflict, Conflict, Conflict

One thought on “Wordplay: Conflict, Conflict, Conflict”

  1. Hi Joshua,
    I really enjoyed this post. I’ve put Darjeeling Limited on my “to watch” list. If this is a writing lesson or exercise (which implies work and strain) it certainly doesn’t come off that way — you’ve given excellent advice in a very entertaining, readable way. I would just add that I am a bit tired of the gun as a tool for ‘inciting’. I’ve seen too many American movies, probably, and am getting bored when the guns start coming out (not to mention the fiery explosions). I’ve been reading a lot of Dean Koontz — I know, not high literature, but his books keep calling me for some reason — and I am getting tired of guns in his books — he sometimes describes them to a degree of detail I could do without. As you point out, the inciting element could be a slap, or whatever your imagination can cook up. How about a machete? Or sharp umbrella? Rotten eggs? Or a very mean disposition…

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