Book Talk April

One thought on “Book Talk April”

  1. As it was right now
    “The Open Toll: FairyTale” from The Mourner’s Book of Albums
    By Daniel Scott Tysdal

    1st Section
    Robots bolt shut robot chests on robot
    hearts, bind robot pieces to robot parts,
    their generation of generations
    repeated without error, tear, or chance
    of loss, the nature of maker in made
    retained in flawless features and clockwork
    firing frequencies of immortal robot sparks.

    This poem punched a hole through the factory of my indifference
    sending the definitions of Snark, witty criticism, and general apathy
    flying into speechlessness. All that was left was fascination and an
    uncounted number for how many times I read it again and again and again.

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